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Corona, CA. Fire Station Adds Dalmatian Mix To Crew

By Jerry Soifer for

CORONA, CA.-Dalmatians used to serve as the GPS for horse-drawn fire carriages. The black and white dogs who work well with horses would lead the firefighters to a blaze.

In the tradition of fire dogs, the 24 firefighters of Corona Fire Station 3 on Smith Avenue in the western portion of the city have added a black and white Dalmatian-Labrador mix. The 6-month-old provides companionship, lowers blood pressure, draws laughs with her pranks and serves as a public relations tool, firefighters say.

She rides in the back seat of the cab of Engine 3 or Ladder 3 on some calls. She puts her paws on the ledge and sticks her head out the window. The firefighters receive the thumbs-up sign from the public. Children who visit the fire station on school tours are expected to be more attentive with the dog present.

Corona firefighter Justin Shaw said the dog makes the station “a little bit more of a home. I think we all have dogs at home. It’s nice when we roll back (from a call) we have someone licking your face.”

The dog was named Blaze before it was rescued from a Yucaipa animal shelter by the Corona firefighters. Corona firefighter Rick Stone provided the connection. Corona Fire Station 3 unsuccessfully tried to host a dog 20 years ago.

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