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Three Legged Beagle Saves Owner From House Fire

By Dan Ponce for WGN News

CHICAGO — His family calls him Mr. B the Three Legged Wonder Dog, and on Monday morning he proved why he earned that title.

It was around 10:30 a.m in Grayslake when a garbage can full of coals started a fire downstairs in the Whalen home while Troy Whalen was upstairs on a conference call.

Mr. B got Whalen’s attention and brought him downstairs where they narrowly escaped before the flames engulfed the house.

Karen Whalen, who was out of the home with her children, credits The Three Legged Wonder Dog with saving her husband’s life.

“He smelled it and started barking and howling to get his attention, I really feel that little dog saved my husband’s life,” she said.

The fire caused as estimated $270,000 dollars in damage but the family says if not for Mr. B, things could have been much worse.

Mr. B lost his leg as a puppy after being hit by a car. After the accident his original owners didn’t want to keep him so, after being passed around by several families, the Whalen family finally adopted him about three years ago.

Since Monday, Mr. B has become a neighborhood sensation and he’s constantly being showered with praise and plenty of dog treats.

The Whalen’s say the attention is well deserved and that the family is going to keep that little dog for a long time now.

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