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Texas Dog Defines The Word 'Loyalty'

By David Schechter for

LONE OAK — Wayne’s Lawnmower Shop is about more than an honest repair at an honest price; It’s about friendships that endure.

Wayne’s son, Paul Giroux, runs the place. He learned the business and took over from his father.

“He liked to argue. He liked to fight,” Paul said. “That’s my Dad. That’s what made him cool.”

In June, Wayne Giroux was killed by a drunk driver.

“I still wish he would walk in that door and say, ‘Why are you over here running your mouth? Get over there and fix a lawnmower! Make money! Turn some wrenches!'”

Even though Wayne could be a little cranky, he was lucky enough to have the loyalty of more than one best friend. There’s his son Paul, of course.

And then there’s his dog, Spot.

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And before everyone goes bonkers about who is taking care of the dog, here’s a post by the reporter:

Reporter’s update: Many of you have contacted us concerned about Spot’s well-being. Paul showed News 8 the animal’s living conditions. The dog gets plenty of food, shelter and attention……No one in the story was trying to find a home for the dog. Apparently Spot gets plenty of attention, she’s just sad because she misses her companion. Anyone who has lost someone surely can sympathize. Dogs don’t understand some things the way we do, this was just a story to show the bond between pets and their owners. I’m sure the people caring for this dog do not want to give her up, that was not the point of the story.

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