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Kirksville, Missouri Citizens Speak Out Against Pit Bull Ban

by Eden Derby for

KIRKSVILLE, MO — The air was thick with emotion in Kirksville Monday night at a public meeting about the city’s proposed Dangerous Animal Ordinance.

The proposal would ban full or mixed breed pit bulls within the Kirksville city limits.

Two city employees were there to speak on behalf of staff, like meter readers who have been threatened by dogs.

16 citizens voiced their concerns with the breed-specific ban.

“Be very careful if you decide to pass something, that you don’t open up a big can of worms because I think if you do this, a lot of people are going to be upset.”

“Why are those people not being punished? Why is it being put on the dog, the innocent dog?”

“Where does it stop if you start with the pit bull? What’s next? Because any dog can bite or be mean.”

“It’s not the dogs, it’s who their owners are and how they’re raised. I’ve seen German Shepherds meaner than a pit bull. My pit bull right now she’s five months old, she’d rather lick you to death then try to bite you.”

“A lot of very responsible pet owners are going to feel like they’ve been unjustly treated by this.”

If passed, the ordinance would be grandfathered in, meaning pit bulls that already live in the city are allowed to stay.

But they would have to be registered with the city and adhere to a number of regulations.

For instance, the pit bull would have to be leashed and muzzled anytime it is outside of the owner’s house or an outside kennel.

“Our dog’s not going to go outside and play in the water, in the winter time he can’t run through the snow like all other dogs just because he’s considered a pit bull,” said one citizen.

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