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Drug Addict Viciously Bites Police Dog


By JoAnne Thomas for

West Haven, Connecticut – Roderick Lewis, 23, has been charged with assault on a police officer, cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct after an early Thursday morning altercation involving Police Officer Scott Bloom, and his canine partner, Onyx. Not only did Mr. Lewis allegedly punch and hit Officer Bloom, he bit into the dog, Onyx—-and refused to let go.

Officer Scott Bloom was patrolling with his canine companion, Officer Onyx near a Rite Aid Pharmacy shortly before 3:00 AM this past Thursday morning. Bloom noticed a man walking around with his pants falling down. The man took off his jacket and walked toward the officer.

Officer Bloom recognized the man as someone he had encountered before. As the man approached Bloom, he allegedly yelled out “I need a bag of dust.” The slang term for PCP or Angel dust is ‘dust’.

Lewis then reached in his waistband as though he was about to pull out a weapon. Bloom reacted by grabbing Roderick Lewis by both arms and a brief struggle ensued. Lewis had freed one of his arms and began punching Officer Bloom in the face, allegedly claiming “You’re not stronger than me.”

At that point, Bloom’s ‘partner,’ the police dog Onyx, jumped out of the cruiser and intervened by trying to literally take a bite out of crime. He clamped down on Lewis’ right leg.

Most people would have given up at that point, but not Lewis. He continued fighting with Officer Bloom. Police say he then bit the dog repeatedly. He refused to let go as the dog yelped in pain. Some reports indicate Lewis bit the dog’s leg, some say his side and yet others say Onyx was bitten on both his leg and side. Lewis had to be pried off the dog!

Regardless, Lewis should be thanking his lucky stars that he was not injured or killed during what appears to have been a drug crazed frenzy.

Lewis was finally cuffed and lead away by other officers summoned to the scene. He was taken to Milford Hospital for minor injuries and possible drug usage before being transported to jail.

Officer Scott Bloom and Onyx were also taken to the hospital for their injuries; both were treated and released.

Officer Bloom and Onyx showed great restraint and were very professional considering who and what they were dealing with. This could have turned out very different. Hopefully we won’t hear the ever popular battle cry of ‘police brutality’ spewing out of anyone’s mouth.

I don’t think the criminal element out there has realized this yet— our country and it’s citizens now place more value on a helpless animal’s life than we do theirs. Rightfully so, I might add.

What say you about this big, burly, 23 year old biting a dog and refusing to release his grip? Leave your thoughts on ‘Roderick Lewis Viciously Bites Police Dog’ in the comment section after the video.

By the way, is it just me or does Roderick Lewis look exactly like the Grinch that stole Christmas? (If he were green)

Anyone know the sentencing guidelines for this kind of behavior in Connecticut? I think it’s about time Mr. Lewis was forced to pull up his big boy pants and take some responsibility, before Karma claims another miscreant.

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12 years ago

I hope the dog has had all of his shots ..

Just me
Just me
12 years ago

He does look exactly like the Grinch!

11 years ago

They need to let the cop and the dog have one more good shot at this idiot man…..poor doggie;(


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