The Real Pit Bull: Video

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13 years ago

The problem with this video is that is does not address what I would call the “pit bull problem”.

It’s good PR for a maligned breed (and its related cousins, such as the Staffordshire terrier), but the fact is that (in Britain at least) the “wrong kind” of dog owners are attracted to the breed for the image – a tough dog.

There’s no debating pit bulls/Staffies need a firm hand, because physically they are more than capable of hurting other dogs – at best (!) – and people at worst.

I am sympathetic to any owner of a well-socialised, well-adjusted pit bull/Staffie that suffers from breed prejudice, but the fact is that many, many owners do not take the time and effort required to ensure their dog can be 100% trusted in public.

Where I live in the UK many dog owners (myself included) are terrified of encounters with such aggressive dogs and I worry that this fun video just glamorises the dogs and acts as encouragement to anyone considering the breed, rather than providing a proper message about what wonderful dogs they can be – with the correct training/handling.

13 years ago
Reply to  amymaeelliott

You hit the nail on the head. The “Pittbull” problem as you call it is humans, NOT the breed. If BSL goes through and ALL Pittbulls are killed, what’s to stop these same people from turning to the next breed of dog??? What is needed is education and tougher laws on dog fighting and the like. I am the proud owner of 2 wonderful Pitties and I trust them more than any other breed I have ever had.
ANY dog can and will bite, but because of the people who do the absolutely unspeakable to this wonderful breed, these are made to be so much more. Dogs like people have their good and bad, no matter what breed.
This video is showing what the true nature of this wonderful breed REALLY is. By owning this breed myself, I have been able to change some people’s perspective and beliefs about this breed. The key is education and putting out the correct information on these dogs.


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