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Dock Dogs To Bring $1.5 Million To Dubuque, Iowa

By Katie Wiedemann for

DUBUQUE – An upcoming competition of jumping dogs is expected to bring one and half million dollars to Dubuque. The Dock Dogs organization is holding its national championship competition next month.

Dubuque beat out several big cities to host the lucrative event.These jumping dogs, captured hearts when the regional competition debuted in Dubuque in 2005.

Dubuque Visitors’ Bureau President Keith Rahe said, ”The Dock Dogs are such a big hit. People love it.”

Now, five years later, Dubuque will play host to the national championship. Almost 300 dogs and their owners from all 50 states will meet in Dubuque to find out which dog can jump the furthest.

Dock Dog’s Christen Butler said, “It’s going to be one of the largest events we’ve ever done. Dogs from everywhere all over the country and Canada. ”

But organizers say there was a competition happening behind the scenes.

Dubuque beat out several larger cities like Atlanta, Georgia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to host the championship.

“These competitors are going to be coming on site Wednesday and staying her until Sunday,” said Rahe.

That means visitors will be spending money in Dubuque’s hotels, stores and restaurants.

“They are going to go back and they are going to tell their friends and their families and their co-workers, you need to go to Dubuque, Iowa. We had a wonderful experience there,” said Rahe.

Organizers hope the Dog’s make a splash.and the city of Dubuque gets some high scores as well.

The National Dock Dogs Championship is set for October 15 through 17th at the Port of Dubuque.

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