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Dog Files Go To SuperZoo With Bissell

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Last week I was invited to come out to Las Vegas and attend SuperZoo as a guest of Bissell, the We Mean Clean People!

SuperZoo brings over 9000 pet professionals together to show their wares and make business deals with retailers. It covers all types of pets, but from what I saw, 90% of the products there were for dogs.

I’ve been really been excited to be a part of the Bissell Pack Of Pet Lovers and I couldn’t wait to head out to SuperZoo.

I stayed at the excellent hotel, New York, New York. And no, I did not go on the roller coaster.

The Bissell crew took great care of me, including supplying a limo to pick me up. Just kidding, I took a cab!

The convention Floor was enormous! It took me the entire day to see everything... I think.

Yep, you can now sit your little dog at the table with you. Not sure why though... any ideas?

Saw some beautiful designer dog crates!

Hanging at the Bissell Booth. That's (left to right) Erin Reed, Sue Potter and Chris Kalish. Everyone at the booth is a dog lover and has one or two furry canines waiting for them at home. And no, Chris is not for rent!

Chris Marshall shows me Bissell’s new commercial-grade carpet cleaner, the Pawsitively Clean Deep Cleaning Machine. You'll be able to rent it from participating pet stores soon. Not that your doggie messes up your rug or anything.

Bissel has an unbelievable amount of cleaning equipment for us dog lovers. You know that dog saliva that dries on your car windows when you take your hounds for a ride? Yep, they have something just for that!

See what I mean? Bissell is as crazy about dogs as we are. Cats too. Hey, that beagle looks like Remy!

Got to meet Brewster, a two year old, 185 lbs. Harlequin Great Dane hanging out with Blue Buffalo.

VIP Products line of Mighty Dog Toys. They are built extra tough for dogs like Max, the Dog Files Mascot.

Nature's Logic puts no synthetic vitamins into their food. They believe dogs, like humans, should get natural vitamins directly from the food.

Two beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs.

There is no truth to the rumor that I put on a Batman outfit, jumped from my hotel window to the opposite building and apprehended a crooked Hong Kong business man. Nope, none at all. Really, not true.

I would like to take a moment to thank the Bissell crew for inviting me to this great event and making me feel at home. They have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed, a pack of pet lovers. Hey, we spent a half hour at dinner discussing the finer points of dog food! That alone convinced me that Bissell is full of crazy dog people. Check out Bissell’s Website here and follow them on twitter here.

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