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Shelter Dogs Make Great Pets, Follow These Tips When Adopting

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By Denise Naughton for

Adopting a pet is a big decision, and one more of us don’t take lightly.

Most of us are in tune with adopting from a shelter, but according to Melissa Gable, Executive Director of Friends of Animal Care and Control , there are many things to consider.

Here are her six reasons why adopting from Animal Care and Control is a good idea.

1. Shelter dogs make great pets! these days many animals are surrendered because their owner can no longer care for them, or because the family is facing financial hardship. Most of these dogs are already trained, well behaved, and are just needing a new family to love.

2. The shelter has a wide variety of dogs and puppies – and some of them are purebred! If you don’t find the dog of your dreams, keep looking! The shelter receives hundreds of new animals every single week and hundreds are adopted out – you will find an array of different dogs and cats each day.

3. While at the shelter, walk through all the kennels once and see which animals appeal to you. Maricopa County Animal Care & Control’s West Shelter (2500 S. 27th Avenue) has several dog adoption areas – be sure you visit them all. Pay close attention to dogs that are pawing at the kennel, wagging and wiggling – these are usually characteristics of a friendly pooch.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Many staff and volunteers have spent time with the adoptable dogs and can help find the right one for your family. Don’t adopt a dog just because he’s cute. There are other things to consider (temperament, training, etc), so don’t base your decision on appearance only.

5. Need one more reason to adopt a shelter pet? Animal Care & Control often offers adoption specials or reduced rates. Also included in the adoption fee… spay or neuter surgery and each dog is vaccinated (follow up vaccines may be needed depending on the age of your dog).

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Lizelle Kopinski
12 years ago

Great article…

Although shelter dogs definitely make great pets, I gotta say that Rescue (foster) dogs make even better ones 🙂

Lizelle Kopinski
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association Inc.
PA State Shelter Rep.

12 years ago

What’s the sixth reason? There were only 5…


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