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Michigan Man Finds Long-Missing Dog In Kentucky After Seven Years

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By John McGary for

Brad Davis and his dog Jake were reunited Wednesday afternoon in Estill County — and perhaps no one will ever know how Jake came to be 450 miles away after disappearing nearly seven years ago.

Sandie Clark came to work at the Estill County Animal Shelter Tuesday morning, she found two dogs left overnight in the “drop box.” One was a Weimaraner, but “Jake’s” high breeding wasn’t the only thing that set him apart.

There was a microchip inside him. After a scan and a few calls, Clark was on the phone with Brad Davis of Lake Orion, Mich., who’d last seen his six-month-old pup the day after Thanksgiving, 2003.

“They said, ‘Yeah, we found a dog down here and it’s got a microchip in it,’ and I said, ‘Holy cow, is it a Weimaraner?’ and they said, ‘Yes,’ and I said, ‘That’s Jake.'”

Davis said Jake was stolen from his backyard — perhaps by a family he’d help pack for a move to Kentucky.

“We got him back and it doesn’t matter anymore. We’ll take him home and take good care of him. We got him an appointment with the vet tomorrow at 2:30 and get him checked out and get some meat on his bones,” he said.

Davis’s children were one and three years old when the family dog vanished. The younger hardly remembers Jake — the elder never forgot.

“When we showed her some pictures of him yesterday when she first got off the school bus and she said she always knew he was coming home,” Davis said.

In dog years, Jake’s been gone nearly half a century.

“I don’t know if he remembers me yet, but I’m sure he’ll get to be — once we get him home and he can see the kids — same house he was before, same backyard,” he said.

It was a 900-mile round-trip, but Davis said he’d drive ten times that far to get Jake back.

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