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Service Dogs Educate Maryland Mall Staffers

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12 years ago

Education is the key. People need to learn it is a federal law that allows service dogs to go anywhere with their owners. They do a wonderful job and deserve all the praise they get, Do not try to pet the dog when it is working but do compliment the owner on his/her dog. I have therapy dogs and I love it when someone praises my babies for the job they do. They are to be petted when they are working.

security guard service
11 years ago

Service dogs are a huge part of our lives. I have a service dog also. My dog is trained in PTSD. I can really feel this woman’s pain as my dog just underwent ear canal replacement which costed me $2600.00. I feel your pain and I will drop off a donation for Lottie. Another thing for all you folks out there, these dogs are our life support!! THEY ARE NOT PET’s!!! They are covered under the ADA which is administered by the Department Of Justice and enforced by the FBI. There are casino’s and businesses in the Wilkes-Barre area that discriminate against people with “service dogs”.


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