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Dogs Running In Cemeteries?

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I find the idea of hanging out with my dogs in a cemetery kind of creepy.
— Kenn

From Paw Prints Post

Some dog owners aren’t going to like the ruling that came out of New Hampshire Monday, but I think most will understand.

Dogs are no longer permitted in the 13 cemeteries in Concord, N. H.

Concord City Councilors voted Monday to prohibit all but service dogs from the cemeteries. Councilors say they don’t want dog waste to despoil the final resting place of city residents. Councilor Steve Shurtleff proposed the measure. He says it shows disrespect to use the cemeteries as a dog park.

The Concord Monitor says anyone who violates the ordinance could be subject to a fine of between $50 and $1,000.

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10 years ago

I didn’t see the survey button, sorry: Running loose, no. But being excluded, no to that also. They should be able to visit on-leash.


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