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Pit Bulls Headed For Dog Fighting Rescued In SoCal

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BUENA PARK — A dozen pit bulls who were on their way to Mexico to take part in a dog fighting ring were rescued by Buena Park Police Monday.

Police officers spotted a van driving without a front license plate around 9 a.m. Monday and told the driver to pull over, according to Sgt. Bill Kohanek.

Officers discovered the twelve dogs inside the van and questioned the driver. He told them the animals were on their way to Mexico, Kohanek said.

Kohanek said the driver and passengers were part of a legitimate animal transport service and were not arrested.

The dogs appeared to be clean and well cared for, Kohanek said. They ranged in age from three months to three years old and are valued up to $20,000.

Investigators say they traced the dogs through their implanted chips to notorious dog fighters in the United States and Mexico.

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12 years ago

what a beautiful dog! I hope they find forever homes for these beautiful babies!!!!

11 years ago

I don’t understand WHY no arrests were made. If these were legitimate transporters, transporting to a Mexican dog fighting group, WHY are they any longer allowed to be legitimate transporters? Something is really wrong with this story!


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