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12 years ago

Amen to that. There is a disturbing trend towards dog owners thinking that the purpose of “crate” training is so that the dog will get used to being in a crate for long periods of time. Just put the dog away when it's not needed.

I have a neighbor that just got a golden retriever and it breaks my heart to hear about them crating their dog for most of the day and the evening. They keep in a crate all day when they are at work with the exception of a short walk at lunchtime. Then they walk him again after work, and let him roam around the house until they go to bed, at which time he's back in the crate. I've told them repeatedly that this is not healthy for the dog and then they say that if they don't keep him in the crate he will destroy things…well no wonder!

Every time I talk with them


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