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The Millan Foundation Launch New Public Service Campaign

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Cesar Millan and The Millan Foundation launched a new public service campaign on July 9, 2010, aimed at raising awareness in the Spanish-speaking community of the importance of spaying and neutering pets and its direct impact on canine overpopulation.

The campaign is the long-awaited result of the partnership between the Millan Foundation and Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. It features television, radio, and print ads, and a community relations effort by Cesar himself which will seek to bring his spay and neuter message to Spanish-speaking dog owners. The campaign is focused on raising awareness of the consequences of pet overpopulation, which includes leaving over 4.5 million dogs and cats to die in local animal shelters each year due to a lack of space.

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Suzy Street
Suzy Street
11 years ago

Cesar, First I would like to offer my condolences in the passing of “Daddy”, He was a fine dog, and I love to watch his approach and actions around other dog. He went a long way to teach people about Pit Bulls, and if there are any “monsters” around, we made them that way.
My concern is now on my Fernando. When times were good and even before, I donated $35,000 to the Texas A & M Vet college in Bryan, Tex and $10,000 dollars to our local animal shelter, Brazos County Animal Shelter. I was happy to do it. I worked with some very wonderful people to include on camera people with KAMU and KBTX. 
The problem I’m finding is now that I have changed locations to Oregon, and they are not to keen to talk to me, because times and fortune have changed for me. You know that old song, ” When your down and out, ain’t nobody wants you around”.
I unfortunately gave too much of my money away and now I find I have no voice with the powers that be and can’t find a way to help our four legged friends like I would wish to. (to include me own two four paw, babies, Kitty Tux and Fernando.) I can’t get the proper vaccinations, Spay/ Neutering, and health care for my loves and the poor people of Portland cannot either. As I see it, this is not only assistance for the poor on indigent but it’s a HEALTH Problem for the community, but the do-gooders, don’t see it.

 When you vaccinate an animal against rabies, you protect the child that might one day interact with the animal.

 I need some ideas that might get the attention of the “haves” so they may help the “have-not’s” that never thought they would be in this situation. I have worked all my life (well, since I was 15, but have never see a job market like this one….this “I’ve got mine, and I don’t care if you get yours” attitude is breaking my heart. The middle class is disappearing and along with that will be households that either keep unvaccinated, unaltered, unhealthy, underfed animals in their homes or the animals run wild or are destroyed in animals shelters around the country in greater and greater number. I don’t know how to make myself heard anymore. Money talked, when I had it, but now my voice falls on deaf ears.
Thank you for listening,
Suzy Street


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