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Ohio Rescue Dog Saves Owner During House Fire

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A Hubbard man may have lost his home to a fire this morning, but thanks to his dog, his life was saved.

“If he hadn’t gotten me up we would have both been barbecued,” said Stephen Brall.

Brall was upstairs sleeping when his home on Roseview Drive caught on fire. He had a smoke detector, but it’s batteries were dead. That’s where his dog, Bettis, came in.

“He came upstairs and started nudging me and barking at me, and as soon as I got up I couldn’t even see anything the smoke was so thick,” said Brall.

Dog in hand, he made his way down the stairs by memory.

“I came out around here,” said Brall. “I felt the door…and I saw nothing out here but white. And I started choking a little bit, got downstairs, felt my way towards the door, and I had a hold of Bettis. I had him by his collar because I thought he was getting a little bit afraid. I didn’t want him to panic and go backwards and then I’d have to come back in and get him.”

When fire crews arrived, the home was engulfed in flames. There would have been a different outcome had a few more minutes passed before the dog alerted Brall.

“I don’t think we’d be talking to him today,” said Hubbard Fire Chief John Clemente. “Because the smoke was so heavy upstairs and the heat was so great.”

Bettis was a rescue dog that Brall adopted.

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Buffy F.
11 years ago

Is amazing what animals are doing out there. Really sad that this does not make big news. How many times people get saved by animals?!!! These are the moments I wished people would stop and look at what is happening to animals, how are humans thanking animals for all the love and help they are giving. We need to help animals back. They are amazing beings. ( there are amazing humans out there too) But we need all humans to realize how animals are special and deserve love too. Amazing stories of animal heros!!!


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