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Animal Rights Group Furious That Actor Chris Klein Was Arrested For Drunk Driving With His Dog In Car

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Chris Klein was pulled over with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and in addition also found himself in the line of fire from animal activists, who are outraged because he had his dog on board.

Activist are outraged of his actions claiming no one should ever drive under the influence … especially when a pet is on board.

“In Defense of Animals” responded to his arrested stating “By choosing to drive under the influence with his dog in the car, Chris not only put innocent drivers in danger, but broke a promise to be a protector and guardian to his pet.”

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12 years ago

OMG – the dog probably would have been the first one out of the car in the event of a wreck. What about the PEOPLE this moron could have killed? I get so tired of the animal rights fruitcakes who put the value of an animal over that of PEOPLE.

11 years ago
Reply to  Etbmfa

your dumb..Animals have just a much right to life as humans do..and when the human is the one responsible for that animals death or puts the animals life in danger then they are just as much at fault as if they did it to a human..get over you superiority complex that your better than animals..because most likely my dog is better than you for this comment you posted.

10 years ago
Reply to  Nichole

I agree with you but insinuating that  Etbmfa is dumb is not the proper way of handling this.  Cant we all just get along?

Kenn Bell
12 years ago

The group is an Animal Rights Group not a Human Rights Group. Everyone already knows that humans can be killed, they are trying to tell people to be careful with your animals too.

10 years ago

Kids Kids stop the fighting!  Shouldn’t we be grateful that He is alive and sober?


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