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California Canine Counts To Ten

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From AbC Local

A California dog has talents that go way beyond just Frisbee catching, paw shaking and rolling over.

“Sydnee” the dog knows how to count. Her owner gives Sydnee a number, one through 10, and she barks that many times. She’s rewarded with raisins.

Her owner got the Australian Sheppard when she was 10 months old from a soldier that was on his way to Iraq. Six years later, Sydnee was ready to show off her talent to the world.

Owner Maxine Davis says Sydnee not only counts to 10 in order, but she can do so in reverse as well.

By Demarco Morgan For

Meet Ingrid, a pitbull perhaps taking more Viagra than any man could afford to take on Long Island.

“It saved Ingrid’s life. Without Viagra we wouldn’t have her with us today,” said Jodi Record.

Ingrid has to pop the blue pills just to stay alive, according to her caregiver Record.

“She takes two pills twice a day,” said Record.

Ingrid, who takes her time getting around, was rescued by workers here at Little Shelter in Huntington, NY some two years ago.

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