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Entire Dog Lost, Delta Offers $200 Credit

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By Ben Popken For The Consumerist

Where’s Paco? Josiah doesn’t know, his girlfriend doesn’t know, someone at Delta might know. After all, Delta was supposed to load Josiah’s new dog on the same plane that Josiah got on. Paco didn’t land with them. Frantic, Josiah called around desperately before being told that Paco was safe and sound, being taken care of by Delta employees, who would put him on the next flight out. Paco wasn’t on that one either. More harried calls and Delta told Josiah Paco had “escaped” and the best they could do is refund his $200.00 pet transportation fee, but only as a “credit” for future Delta travel. That doesn’t do Josiah any good, as he’s vowed to never fly Delta again. Here’s his story, and more adorable/sad puppy pictures:

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L.M. Ashley
L.M. Ashley
12 years ago

That is horrifying to loose a dog, How do you loose a dog if you are paying the least attention or giving the least care? To act as if refunding a fee in any way makes up for that loss is callous and ridiculous. Delta needs to answer for what they have done. What happened, how did it happen, and where is the dog now?

Dog Lover
Dog Lover
12 years ago

I am a retired airline employee and I have seen these things happen first hand. It isn't always the airlines fault. I once opened the cargo door to be greeted by a german shepard that had gotten out of his kennel during flight. Being an avid dog lover I simply commanded him to stay and got him back into his kennel. Had he not listened and decided to run for it he would have been lost. I have seen people give their dogs drugs and the dogs had bad reactions and died. And sadly, I have seen some airline employees bang the kennels just to unnerve the dogs. There are good and bad people everywhere. Don't judge an entire airline by one incident. These things happen on all airlines. This is why I tell all of my friends to never check your beloved animals on an airplane. These things happen far more than you know. I believe it was the 2007 Westminster Dog Show that had a champion Whippet escape his kennel at JFK before he even got to the plane and took off across the tarmac and was never seen again. It is very sad and no amount of compensation can rectify the situation.

Debbie McGee
Debbie McGee
11 years ago

There is nothing worse, except an airline maybe losing your child! I would die if anyone I trusted to care for my pet lost them. How does that happen????? It is a huge responsibility that needs to be honored as such. Delta, SHAME ON YOU! I will never fly you again,, just for that!

11 years ago

Delta took responsibility for transporting Paco safely – and though nothing will ever compensate for the loss of Paco, they should offer much more than they have. 


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