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Thief Extorts Dog Owner After Finding Her Chihuahua

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It all began late Saturday night when Britney Parkerton stopped to get gas at the 76 gas station at 191 Iron Point Road in Folsom. Parkerton’s 7 month old Chihuahua, Roo, escaped from her car unbeknownst to her and took a self guided tour of the parking lot. Roo found trouble in a friendly stranger who stopped to help. Thus began a long morning for Roo and Parkerton.

Parkerton took comfort in knowing her lost pet was micro-chipped and had an identification collar. She was excited when a man called to say he would be happy to return her dog. Then came the caveat, the man demanded $200 or Parkerton would never see Roo again. Parkerton did the smart thing and notified the Folsom Police Department.

The police officer and his partners devised a plan to recover Roo without placing Parkerton or officers at risk. They offered the stranger $600 if he brought the dog back to Folsom. Driven by greed, the suspect agreed. With 3 ½ hours elapsed since Roo went missing, a black Chevrolet Camero returned to the gas station. A subject placed Roo back into Parkerton’s car and removed an envelope containing the requested ransom. Roo was safe.

A block away from the exchange officers’ stopped the Camero and arrested Adonison Gunther, 31, of Oakland and Marisa Jackson, 21, of Elk Grove. While the suspects claimed to be helpful citizens, their text messages and phone messages to officers and Parkerton betrayed their true intentions. Gunther and Jackson were booked into the Sacramento County Jail charged with Extortion, Possession of Stolen Property, and Conspiracy.

Roo was proud Parkerton had not put herself at risk by meeting these extortionists alone. Parkerton’s preventive care of ensuring Roo was tagged and micro-chipped helped lead to Roo’s recovery.

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