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Is Your Dog Shy? No Really.

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Did you know that just like people, dogs can be shy too? If this sounds like your dog the Michigan Humane Society is here with tips on how to help your dog overcome being shy.

– Some dogs, like some people, tend to be a bit on the shy side.

– You can begin to help build a dog’s self-confidence by paying attention to your body language around them.

– Try not to hover over them or reach down over their heads.

– Always allow the dog to approach you – turning your body to the side can help encourage a shy dog to approach.

– Greet them by crouching down to their level, moving slowly and giving them a gentle scratch under the chin.

– NEVER hug or restrain any dog – but especially a shy one – always leave them an escape route.

– A great way to build a dog’s confidence is by training them. Enroll in a good training program that uses only positive training methods. This will help your dog learn that she can do things and get rewarded for them. For information on the Michigan Humane Society’s training classes, contact 248-650-1059.

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