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Please Help Find Joey! Lost in Covina, California

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help find joey

By Joe Giessler For The Eagle-Gazette

A message from Joey’s owner…

Prior to Feb 18th, life was good, I had it all. I’d just gotten my new puppy Nemo in January, everything was great, Nemo and Joey became instant playmates, I had two beautiful Eskies and a Samoyed.

And then, on Feb 18th we had a painter here. I left my house at 1:30 pm for work. I told the painter not to open the gate because of the dogs. Well, he opened the gate!! First my Samoyed went out, Joey followed her.

A neighbor saw it happen, and went after Joey in an effort to grab him and bring him back but unfortunately this just made him run. He was last seen running into a residential neighborhood.

To this day, he is still gone! Vanished. We have done everything, we placed a huge ad in the Sunday paper, Craiglist, Petfinder, Facebook, Twitter, a Blog (complete with maps of the areas where he was last seen) we made about 400 posters, we’ve checked every shelter ( including the dead animal list) I’ve contacted ERU and Heartbandits.

The coordinator from our dog park sent out over 1500 emails. I also signed up with PetAmberAlert. com which I would not recommend based on my experience…they charged me about $70, created a flier and told me to make copies (which clearly we had already done ourselves). Even worse, THEIR flier contained incorrect information (they said FEMALE instead of MALE) and then they couldn’t be reached despite several attempts to contact them to correct it!

We were getting a lot of calls from people who’ve seen him or thought the dog they saw was him, but he never let anyone near enough to him to catch him – – and that does sound like Joey. One of the dogs we received so many calls on is an Eskie named Casper who leaves his yard and cruises the park across the street from his home.

So, I believe some one has him. I am so heartbroken and completely devastated, I cannot accept that he is gone forever. I cry every single day. He was the best, most well behaved dog I’ve ever known I have to keep the faith that somehow, someway, someday Joey will be home.

For all the info you need, please check out their site: Help Find Joey!.

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11 years ago

This is exactly why I would NEVER ever leave a contractor working in my home if I or my husband could not be there! I am sorry this has happened to you.


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