Disabled Pennsylvania Man's Service Dog Not Eligible For Food Stamp Benefits, Court Rules

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Bouncing Baxter
Bouncing Baxter
12 years ago

Maybe the judges who made the decision to assist this man to live as normally as possible with the aid of his companion would like to pitch in $50 each. Given what they make a year, it certainly wouldn’t put a dent in their pocket books and it would help this gentleman to live decently and with dignity.

12 years ago

give food stamps to the pants hanging town there ass ppl  or 500 pound woman i have to feed cause they to fat to work or give foodstamps to crackdealers who pull up in a benz in front of the grocerystore i work in wtf.. is wrong with these laws i am pissed of

12 years ago

I agree with their choice! It’s a dog! I have two and one is my service dog. He eats dog food, not people food. Maybe this guy should get a live in nurse if he can’t care and provide PROPER food for his animal. Makes me wonder if he has ever taken him to the vets!!


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