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Piscataway, New Jersey Out To Ban Dog Barking

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By Edecio Martinez for

Muzzle it!

That’s the word in Piscataway, N.J. as officials try to put dog owners on a financial leash if they can’t keep their pets quiet for all 24 hours of the day.

In the town about 35 miles northeast of Trenton, an ordinance about incessant barking between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. has been expanded to include barking at any time of day.

And, yes, residents could be fined.

“That’s not fair at all. Dogs shouldn’t be scrutinized for what?” resident Anthony Brullo told CBS Affiliate WCBS. “They’re talking! Talking is their barking!”

The ordinance was expanded to include round-the-clock complaints because the town got about 400 animal noise complaints last year.

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Lynne Kaiser
11 years ago

Wow, that's insane, dogs bark, some more then others, but that's what dogs do, what next are they gonna ban digging…

Rob Levinson
11 years ago

As dog owners, let's not be reactionary about this… the law's intent is aimed at problem cases. There were some on the news, video of dogs barking-barking-barking for hours on end. An owner that leaves a dog outside to bark incessantly is negligent, impacting the quality of life of their neighbors.

11 years ago

So then some people desperate to keep their pets will have their dogs de-barked with a quick snip from the vet. Then there are some who will want that banned. It's a viscious circle. City council has no clue about animals, they have enough problems trying to understand politics! People get out there and get active with your animal legislation in your town. Don't sit back and say, ” It can't happen here”. It can and it will right under your nose while you were sleeping. Look up your animal legislation around the country.

Kenn Bell
11 years ago

Type your reply…De-barking is already banned in New Jersey,


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