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Brooklyn Co-op: Lose Your Dog or Lose Your Parking Space

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A Brighton Beach apartment complex is cracking down on dog owners, fining them $100/month and threatening to take away their parking spaces if they don’t get rid of their pets. A spokesman for the board of Trump Village—a sprawling three-building development with 1,700 apartments—says it’s fed up with tenants who “surreptitiously smuggled in dogs in defiance of the rules and regulations binding them,” but residents smell a cash grab. “I think it’s totally ridiculous,” Marylyn Langsdorf, who lives with her 6-pound Yorkshire terrier in Trump Village Section 3, told the News. “I think the whole point is to just get money from us.”

A lawyer who specializes in “pet-related tenant rights” is on the case, which may or may not go to court. “It’s a way to extract money from these folks and scare the hell out of them to give up dogs they’ve had for years,” said attorney Maddy Tarnofsky. She added that the apartments were too slow in reprimanding its disobedient tenants. “Once they find out , they have three months to bring the case into court,” she said of the board. “If they don’t, any objection is waived, and the pet is no longer considered illegal.”

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