The 8 Most Heroic Dogs In History

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Dogs are unique among non-human animals in that there is a long and storied history of dogs performing heroic, self-sacrificial acts for their human comrades. Below, we’ve put together a list of the eight most heroic dogs of all time.

8: Guinefort, the Saint of Infants

A select few people have been given the designation of “Saint,” but only one dog has also received that distinction. The story goes that a 13th century French knight left his infant son in the care of his greyhound, Guinefort, for the day (you’ll notice the knight in this tale is not the patron saint of parenting). Upon returning home, the knight found the home torn apart, blood on the dog’s face, and his son nowhere in sight. Thinking his dog had eaten the child, the knight instantly shot him with an arrow, only to find his son moments later, alive and well, next to the mutilated remains of a snake. The knight was so upset by his mistake that he buried Guinefort in a well and erected a shrine on top of it. Local villagers prayed to the brave dog even after a visiting inquisitor had the shrine destroyed and labeled the dog a heretic.

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