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Dog Leads Owner To Cat In Danger

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7 year old Chloe is a 22-pound pug and Willow is a 1 year old Siamese cat. What do they have in common? Well, they live with each other and love each other, some of the time.

The bond between dog and cat is stronger then we think. Chloe proved it when she alerted owners Amanda and Ron Bjelland that Willow the cat was in danger.

The day started off as usual, around 6:10 a.m., Bjelland walked their pets to the mailbox to pick up their morning paper. When they returned Bjelland and Chloe went back in the house while Willow the Cat proceeded to wander and explore. However, around 6:15 a.m. things started to change.

Chloe the Pug began crying at the glass door leading to the backyard, when Bjelland let the pug out the barking began. Even when brought back inside Chloe never stopped barking. A quarter hour later Chloe was still excessively barking at the door, Bjelland then let Chloe out once again but this time she followed the pug out. Chloe then led Bjelland down the back steps but Willow was still nowhere in sight. A little further down Bjelland spotted the cat in danger.

Willow had fallen into their 5-by-9-foot koi pand that was frozen over except for the hole she fell through. She was quickly pulled from the pond and rushed into the house to warm up. After the near death pond trap experience she had one buddy to thank… Chloe the pug.

The two are back to their love-you/tolerate-you relationship and Chloe has earned herself a big bone. Bjelland said “She knows she did good.”

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12 years ago

Good doggie!!

(PS: it's “Willow had fallen”.)

12 years ago

We have a Min Pin & a Domestic Shorthair. They tolerate each other when they are NOT alone but, they sleep together when they are home alone. Apparently they are very good actors!


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