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Dog Files Viewpoint: What Talents Have Your Pups Brought Out In You?

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What Talents Have Your Pups Brought Out In You?

By KatyBeth Jensen For The Dog Files

Do you have natural talent? I always wanted to sing, but during grade school music performances, I was asked to just move my lips. My fifth grade art teacher smashed my clay pot. It wasn’t much of a pot, but I was proud of it, and from that point on, our more artistic housekeeper was assigned my art projects. I don’t got rhythm … really! I watch other people clapping to music and have to work hard to keep up. Dancing should have come naturally. My mother was a ballerina, but the best anyone could say when I was a tot was, “how cute!” When I outgrew cute, I also outgrew ballet slippers and tap shoes. Academically, I was never gifted, and twelve years of Spanish and a Spanish-speaking housekeeper did not improve my ear for foreign languages. If a lack of natural talent qualified for a handicap sticker, I would have one.

However, tonight I did unearth what may be my natural talent!  I out-maneuvered two Bouvie de Flandes, a Deer Hound, and an extremely persistent Jack Russell while maintaining my hold on a piece of French Silk pie. Ta Da!! This TA DA lead to me to believe that I might have a few more natural talents just waiting to be discovered and shared!Â

Doggie camp messes don’t upset me. I can clean up just about anything (use your imagination here) without so much as a single gag! This includes crawling into a crate to accomplish the job.

I can persuade even the most resistant pooch to open their tightly clenched jaw and take their medication like a good pup.Â

While some bird watchers can identify birds by their sounds, I can identify most dogs by their bark – which often even surprises the pup.Â

I can handle the owner who calls three times on Christmas day to talk to her pup for up to ten minutes each time, and only pretend to put the pup on the phone once.
Without bragging too much, let me just say my owner patience is near legendary. Â

Without a moment’s notice, I can list all the wonderful things your pup did at camp, and forget and forgive any and all transgressions, including, but not limited to grabbing our Sunday dinner off the counter, eating my child’s Easter chocolate marshmallow Godiva bunny and then throwing it up, and munching on my new Puma sneakers.

Without looking at the bag, I can identify different kinds of kibble. I think I could even come close blindfolded!Â

I can manage a good night’s sleep surrounded by five dogs, one child, and a parakeet that snores, all while hanging off the side of the bed, holding onto my pillow and handkerchief-size piece of blanket!

I can even convince my family to WELCOME BACK a camper that is not housebroken, barks non-stop, jumps on us and makes us chase it around the yard!

TA DA!! I may never be invited to sing, dance, or lecture, but I am absolute proof that we are all, in fact, Good at Something!

What talents have your pups brought out in you?

Pats for your pups,


KatyBeth & Rascal
KatyBeth & Rascal

Katybeth is a professional pet spoiler, living in the Chicagoland area, running her own business, Camp-Run-A-Pup. Camp Run-A-Pup spoils other people’s pups, and they do it really well. Katybeth lives with and loves three dogs of her own, Rascal, a Parson’s Terrier (AKC recognizers her as a Parson’s; you might recognize her as a Jack Russell), Skippy, a Schipperke with a personality disorder, and Scooby, a beagle that might belong to a neighbor. Katybeth’s newest family star is Soquel’s Last Souvenire, or as they like to call her, Trinket, a show-stopping Doberman pup. Katybeth co-owns Trinket with her mom because she likes being on the winning side of the dog show arena and wanted the rights to tell the real unabridged stories of the oddities of dog showing. the movie Dog Show did not even come close to telling. Katybeth also enjoys writing her blog — My Odd Family. Dogs, dog people, dog shows and owning a dog business combined with hearth, home and family never leaves her at a loss for material to write about.

Katybeth Jensen,PPS
Professional Pet Spoiler

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