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Dog Dragged In Florida, Now Ready For Adoption

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Click the Pic to see a video about Holly.

— Kenn

Holly’s life didn’t start off good, in fact it was quite horrific. In mid-December, Holly was dragged for nearly 2 miles behind a pick up truck. In addition to a fractured left hind leg, Holly’s back toes had to be amputated when it was ground halfway through the bone.

“Her right knee was all the way down to her knee cap, and she had every single toe down to the bone on all legs, as well as multiple areas on her body where road rash went through to the bone,” said Dr. Leonard Fox, who’s been overseeing Holly’s care, since Dec. 14.

Now at 18 month old, the pit bull/lab mix is finally ready for a home to call her own. After seven weeks of intense medical treatment at the Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie, Holly has recovered and is now healthy and will not require any more medical treatment.

The Humane Society is waiving the $90 adoption fee, which covers all cost of vaccinations, spaying, medical exam, and microchip said Robertson.

“She’s great with people,” he said. “She’s a wonderful dog. Since she’s gotten better, she’s rediscovered her puppyhood. She bounces and plays all day. She loves to chase cats, in a playful way, and has quite an appetite for shoes.”

Holly’s life may have not started off well, but with the care and guidance of her rescuers, they are making sure she will never hurt again.

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