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Should It Be A Crime To Operate On Your Dog?

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What happens when a man in Rhode Island can’t afford to pay for his dogs surgery? Well, performing the surgery himself apparently.

Alan MacQuittie told WPRI-TV in Providence, R.I., that he’s done similar work while in the military and that he doesn’t believe removing a cyst from his 14 year old Labrador-shepherd mix is animal cruelty.

Animal control officers responded to his home and upon arrival, officers discovered a wound on the dog’s hind leg, which appeared to be infected. MacQuittie admitted that he removed a cyst.

“Trying to help an animal, no, that’s not cruelty,” MacQuittie said.

Alan is now facing charges including unnecessary cruelty to animals, and unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.

Thankfully, his dog Nakita is expected to make a full recovery.

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12 years ago

If he actually had the capacity to take care of the cyst and make sure it didn't get infected AND make sure the dog was comfortable during the procedure, then sure, he should be allowed to do all that. The problem is, practically NO ONE can do all those things. Those who do, don't get caught by the cops. Pretty simple.

12 years ago

No he had NO right, he could have killed her from infection, and the pain, sell something, work out something with a vet, go to the human society beg borrow and do what u have to, would he operate on his child, samething!!!

12 years ago

I cant belive that someone wrote dont get caight by cops, what about the backyard ear crops??? R u kidding me, she scares me with this response>>>>


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