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Wisconsin Dog Frozen To Sidewalk, One Year Later

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Once weighing in at a hefty 116 pounds, Jiffy was an obese border collie mix. Though he was nearly 70 pounds over his ideal weight, he may have to thank his extra pounds for possibly saving his life.

Just a year ago on December 2008, Jiffy was found frozen to the sidewalk after being left out overnight in frigid single-digit temperatures by his previous owner. Even though he was nearly frozen to death, his extra pounds kept him warm enough to survive the night.

After being rescued by the Humane Society, a court ordered his owner to give him up. The Humane Society received hundreds of calls all over the world with interest to adopt Jiffy, who was later adopted out to a loving couple from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Now a year later, Jiffy is 40 pounds lighter and thanks to the loving care of the Geise family Jiffy, can now walk normally. According to Parry Geise, Jiffy could barely step over a 4-inch-high pipe without having to rest afterwards when they first adopted him. Nowadays, Jiffy enjoys being able to move around like a “regular dog”.

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11 years ago

Can we bring back hanging, or an eye for an eye, for animal abuse


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