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Dog Files Viewpoint: Who's The Alpha In Your Pack?

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Who’s The Alpha In Your Pack?

By Lon L. Flewelling For The Dog Files

I would love to help you to be the Alpha Dog in YOUR pack, and as dogs are approximately two percent wolf, I offer the following ‘commandments’ of successful dog leadership based on the actions of alpha wolves within their packs;

The Alpha Pack Leader:

The Alpha Pack Leader has an outgoing personality combined with a quiet demeanor. She is a fair, assertive leader who is more Oprah than Simon Cowell.

Always goes out the door or vehicle first, making dog wait to be told when to exit.

Always makes the others wait before leaving the den (crate.)

Always eats first, getting the choicest pieces of the prey before the rest.

Always controls the amount and timing of rewards such as pets, rubs, treats, eye contact.

Always controls the activity and energy levels at the front door. Upon arrival home, no eye contact, no rubs, no talking to them until they comply to quiet behavior.

Always responds to misbehavior with an, “AH!” to get attention and stop the activity, such as barking, excitement, aggression toward each other. A raised hand with finger extended at the perpetrator works, too.

Always knows they can use the lead to control the dogs before an ‘event’ like company coming to door, excitability at door and window, or to control after getting attention during an event.

Always rewards the behavior, not the dog. Such as good settle, good come, good sit, etc.

Always uses the dog’s name to get attention only, not to chastise.

These are some basics to regain control from your dog and to help them learn to follow your calm, assertive leadership.

Good luck!

Lon L. Flewelling was born the middle and most charming of three boys in rural Minnesota where he spent many formative hours on family farms directly interacting with animals nearly from day one. Since his youth he enjoyed the gift and magic of close communication abilities particularly with dogs. Lon followed his gift into the world of wolf studies to further develop my passion and abilities to understand canines and their communications with each other and humans. He is a perpetual student of canines and sees no end to the absorption of canine knowledge.

“Lon L. Flewelling is the human owner’s manual on how to operate your dog in Denver!”
-Shasta Michaels-

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Larry Flewelling
Larry Flewelling
13 years ago

As the older brother of the middle child who wrote this, I'm not sure I agree with his bottom comments of being the most charming, but he was and is very good at animal behavior and being able to handle and communicate with dogs.

Watch out Lon, big brother is literally checking up on you

13 years ago

Lon has been the one and only person I have ever trusted to watch over my little ones. He is amazing with them! I don't think I could ever travel if I didn't have someone like Lon taking care of my baby.

If I didn't know better, I would have to say that he not only talks their talk, but walks their walk, too! Working an 80 hr week, he picks up my big girl every day and runs her ragged! The best doggy-sitter ever!!! My only concern is that my big girl Mattie, will soon like him more than me!!! 😉

If you're looking for a wonderful, trustworthy, dog whisperer-type to watch over your little ones- call Lon @ Lead Dog.


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