Boys, 10 And 12, Charged In Dog Fighting

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By Melissa DiPane for FOX 35 News

They aren’t even in their teens but two Orlando boys are already in big trouble with the law. Alphonzo Harris, 10 and Gregory McDonald, 12, have been charged with fighting, baiting and cruelty to animals after Orange County deputies say the boys were dog fighting in their backyard.

A neighbor called deputies after the boys dumped a dead dog on his property. When deputies arrived to ask Harris about the allegations cops say the boy picked up a puppy and started beating it until deputies forced him to stop.

Neighbors say they had no idea this was happening but always saw a lot of dogs at the Harris home. “I’ve seen dogs out here and I’ve seen dogs in that white car. One of them, a brown pit I put a blanket on the dog and the next day the dog and the blanket was gone,” said neighbor Joe Redding.

Three dogs were taken from the property. They were found covered with wounds, spray painted and living in their own filth.

Harris’ mother told investigators she wanted them to arrest the boys because they kept stealing dogs. Deputies have been out to the Harris house before for reports of dog fighting.

McDonald has also had his own trouble with police. Back in November he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. At his arrest his grandmother told cops she was relieved he was being arrested because she couldn’t handle his behavior.

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11 years ago

more future serial killers, charge them as adults and throw the book at them.

11 years ago

Put them in jail as long as possible and them charge them to help dogs in a shelter. rehabilitation is needed!

11 years ago

Obviously these two killers-to-be have mayor issues that even their families cannot handle. Lock ’em away!


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