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Dog Leads Master Straight To Unconscious Man

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By Karla Hult for

Pine City, Minn. — A Pine City dog may not have the energy of a puppy anymore, but she mustered up enough of her skills to lead her master straight to an unconscious man. Police believe the act saved the man’s life.

On Monday evening, Brett Grinde took his 15-year-old dog, Effie, out for their usual walk. But within a couple minutes, Effie started pulling on the leash — she was insisting on a different route.

“She basically started pulling to the right and 99 percent we go left,” Grinde said from his Pine City home on Tuesday.

Effie then took off running — causing Grinde to follow behind. Eventually, the 15-year-old German shorthair dog came to an abrupt stop in the driveway of a neighbor.

“So I’m running, and I cut the corner of the driveway and I look, and she’s standing by an older gentleman that’s laying face down,” Grinde said.

Effie started licking the man’s face and then turned to her master — who just happens to be a long-time investigator with the Pine County Sheriff’s Department.

“Twenty-eight years as a police officer, you know how to do the first response, the CPR, the abcs,” Grinde said.

Grinde was able to clear the 94-year-old man’s airway. Within seconds, that man started to groan and regain consciousness. All the while, Effie the dog just watched.

“She laid down on his other side and then came and knudged me on the elbows and just kind of stood over him,” Grinde said.

On Tuesday night, the man remained in serious condition at North Memorial Medical Center. Police believe he went out for the mail or to take out the garbage, slipped on the ice and may have been outside for hours. His family asked we not release his name.

But relatives did call Brett to thank him for what he did. Brett’s response? Thank my dog.

“I never thought in a million years something like this would happen, but it was meant to be. It was in God’s hands and somebody turned her that way,” he said.

Effie, by the way, also got a few bonus treats on Monday. Brett said she’s also likely due for a porkchop or plate of spaghetti — which she loves.

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Guest Dog Lover
Guest Dog Lover
11 years ago

Aren't dogs awesome? How do they know things like that? Blows my mind. I'm priviledged to be a mom to seven of these incredible animals and I wouldn't live without them, even if it weren't for stories like this, but it makes them all the more special when you hear of stories like this.

Diana Cardenas
11 years ago

AWWW i think she's a hero. And yes dogs ARE AWESOME! I just wish they wouldn't suffer like most of them do :(.

11 years ago

Great hero! Saving that man's life. Extraordinary.


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