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Dogs Who Ate Owner Are Up For Adoption

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Two dogs are up for adoption in Papillon, Nebraska — and they have a unique back story that the Humane Society hopes won’t deter potential adopters.

Police said the owner of pugs Harry and Sally committed suicide in his suburban Omaha home two weeks ago. His body was just found last Friday. Because Harry and Sally were alone and hungry, their instincts kicked in.

The Humane Society said the dogs have been tested for contamination and are perfectly safe.

“They have no food aggression. They have no aggression toward people. They don’t have aggression toward other dogs. They don’t have any affiliation issues,” said Pam Wiese of the Nebraska Humane Society. “We gave them the same behavior tests we give any dog. We didn’t give them any special treatment due to the circumstances they were in.”

Wiese explained that once the body began smelling like a decomposing animal, Harry and Sally did what was natural.

“That isn’t a reflection on them being a bad dog, being an aggressive dog, being a vicious dog, it’s simply what dogs do,” Wiese said.

The Humane Society added that the dogs are unlikely to suffer from long-term psychological effects because they don’t have memories like people do.

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