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Dog Scared Off By Police Gun Shots Found

From News Channel 3 Memphis

(Memphis 10/25/2009) – Anna Bolton is elated her dog, Violet, is back where she belongs. A woman found the scared pup hiding underneath her deck. She called police. They in turn called Bolton to let her know Violet had been found.

“I can’t even tell you I’m just absolutely shocked that’s she’s home. I never thought I would see her again. We’re ecstatic. We can’t believe it. We’re so happy,” said Bolton.

This all started when Memphis police opened fire on a dog while responding to a burglary call at Bolton’s house in the High Point Terrace neighborhood. One dog was shot. The other ran away. The owner was convinced she would never see her again but is happy that’s not how the story turned out.

Bolton and her mother spent a good deal of the day hanging balloons and making thank you signs to put on the front lawn.

“I’ve seen the worst of people in the last few days but I have also seen the absolute best of our city,” said Bolton.

The worst when someone texted Bolton demanding money for the Violet’s return. Police arrested 25 year old Lashira McClain on an extortion charge. Bolton saw the best in all the people who showed concern for her and the dogs over the last 2 days. This includes the 3 Memphis police officers who helped her find the dog.

Bolton said, “They couldn’t have been any nicer. They couldn’t have been anymore helpful. Couldn’t have been any happier for me. They couldn’t have been anymore gentle with Violet in trying to coax her from underneath the deck.”

Still, Bolton is convinced the officers who responded to the burglar alarm at her home did not follow procedure. She’s going to fight to see that the police department add more training for officers who have to deal with animals.

“If the post man and post woman can deal with animals on a daily basis and deal with them correctly and know how to do it, then the MPD ought to,” said Bolton.

She advises all pet owners to put stickers in their windows that alert police and fire animals are in the home. She didn’t have those at the time of the shooting.

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