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Dog Helps Disabled Teen Enjoy The Ride Of His Life


Patrick Ivison and Ricochet stole the show at Cardiff State Beach in San Diego recently, riding tandem on a surfboard.

Ivision used to only be able to dream about surfing the waves off of San Diego. Now, with a special support team he can enjoy the surf. When he was 14-months-old, he was hit by a car, suffered a spinal cord injury and became a quadriplegic. He has been in wheelchair ever since.

Ivison, 15, and Ricochet took part in a fundraiser to help pay his therapy expenses. The video by the Associated Press tells his story. Ivison says on the video he also surfs without her, but Ricochet is a good buddy:

Ivison uses his upper body strength to control the board, but he can’t keep himself afloat. He says he can hold his breath until his support team reaches him, if he is knocked off the board. With his buddy standing above him, the ride is smooth.

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