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Awesome Dog Tricks + TV = 'SuperFetch' Tonight On Animal Planet

Wow, more cool dog shows to watch!

Zak George, the host of SuperFetch, rose to fame with hundreds of training videos on youtube. He’s been working on the series for the past year and it looks like a show that really celebrates all the fun we can and do have with our hounds. Open your mind and your cute little fuzzball can do almost anything!

— Kenn


From PopEater

Extreme animal trainer Zak George has a new show on Animal Planet called ‘SuperFetch,’ (premieres 10/3 @ 8PM) where he helps people teach their animals to do amazing tricks.

George sat down with us to talk about his new show, and what it really means for pet owners.”The illusion is that we’re training the dog, the reality is that the dogs are teaching us,” he tells PopEater.

What ‘SuperFetch’ is all about: ‘Superfetch’ is a revolutionary dog training show. It is unlike any show you’ve seen before in that we’re not fixing a broken dog. We are taking our already amazing dogs and teaching them some spectacular tricks. For example, we taught a dog to bowl, we taught a dog how to fetch a smock, how to usher guests at a wedding, even how to ride a tandem bicycle.

The best approach to teaching your pet: When you teach a dog a trick, it’s important that you go to their skill level. You don’t want to try to teach a dog something they’re not cut out for, but bring out the best in your dog.

What pet owners will learn: The tricks on ‘Superfetch’ are completely secondary to what people learn about their dogs. Remember the illusion is that we’re training the dog, the reality is that the dogs are teaching us.

Working with dogs: There’s so much connection and there’s such depth when you work with a dog and teach them. That’s the fastest way to learn about your dog is to teach them an incredible trick.

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