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Celebrating Dogs With Jobs On Labor Day

By Margaret Svete

Labor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. But not all workers are humans; dogs can have jobs too. Working dogs are often heroes who rescue those in need, provide support for the disabled, and assist in law enforcement. And think about it, working dogs do not receive paychecks; they work for praise, food, and love. Below are some of the notable jobs that employ our canine friends.


Military Working Dogs play an active role in searching for explosives, helping seize enemies, and patrolling military bases. There are approximately 2600 dogs employed by the US Military. A growing role is that of  K-9 therapist, helping the military prevent and control the stresses of living in a combat zone.


Police K-9s support our law enforcement. Some of the roles that these dogs fill include enforcement (chasing or holding suspects), cadaver dogs, and tracking dogs.


Search and Rescue Dogs are often heroes in the aftermath of a disaster. Who could forget the images of the search and rescue dogs combing the ruble of 9/11? Search and rescue teams also help to find the child that has gotten lost in the woods or the elderly person that may have wandered away from home.


Therapy Dogs play a healing role in our society. Therapy dogs and their handlers provide much needed affection and comfort to those in the hospital, nursing homes, retirement homes, or wherever else they may be needed.


Service Dogs act as guides to the blind, taking the handler around obstacles. A hearing dogs alert his handler to sounds. A Seizure Alert/Response dog responds when the handler has a seizure, and a Mobility Assist Dog acts as the arms and legs for a disabled person.


And finally let’s not forget the role of faithful companion and best friend.  Every day our dogs offer unconditional love and understanding.  To many this may be the most important job of all.

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12 years ago

We r so blessed to have dogs. They not only have jobs, they open our eyes to the wonder & joys of life. They lower our blood pressures & make us fit by making us walk those three miles. All good benefits, it is my hope that we do good for their species too.

12 years ago

my golden lab annie is the best puppy ever! she has a place in our lives that only she can fill. I have dermatomyositis and have bouts of severe muscle pain and weakness and she stays right by my side. Her loving presence is the best medicine so far!

12 years ago

Me and my dog are scheduled for Therapy dog temperment testing/training in 1 week. Google Therapy Dogs (other groups also) if you're interested in giving to those in need of a 'pick me up' when they are feeling down. Just about anyone and their dog can do it!

12 years ago

Dogs are so helpful in the world, not only do they keep us company but also save lives!

12 years ago

Dogs are so helpful in the world, not only do they keep us company but also save lives!

12 years ago

Nice action shot in the third photo. It makes me wonder what the dog found.


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