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"Criminal" Pit Bull Owners?

When The Dog Files Crew were in the Midwest this past October, we had the honor of meeting Roo Yori, owner and trainer of the great frisbee dog, Wallace the Pit Bull. Yep, you read that right, a frisbee catching pit bull.

You see, Roo is an avid dog lover, I think we counted five when we visited, and he’s an even bigger pit bull advocate. So much so, that he recently adopted a Michael Vick pit bull named Hector, and I have to say that Hector rocks!!! By the end of our time with Roo, I was seriously considering how I could talk them into letting Hector come home with me.

Which leads me to this great video that Roo made about “vicious” pit bulls and their “vicious” owners.
Did you know that only “criminals” own pit bulls? ; )

And stay tuned to The Dog Files in 2009 for profiles on both Wallace and Hector!

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11 years ago

Great video.  I did one also at one of the ralies against BSL.  So many beautiful, caring people of all ages, sexes and professions. It is amazing how mainstream media can stereotype, get away with it and then get Joe Public to buy into it. If there ever was a mob like mentality the mainstream media is it 

Last year about 900 dog owners put on a rally to fight BSL and press releases when out to many local and well known newouts including TV stations.  All these people came, with some travelling hundreds of miles so one could see the average normal owners of these TYPES of dogs,  ONE local newspaper showed up.  So much for showing the REAL side of life.

11 years ago

anyone have the link for the article?

10 years ago

I recently had issues with owning a pitbull in my city because of the media and it’s slander. I always say a pitbulls best and worst quality is it’s loyalty. Its all in how it’s raised or treated. And being an EMT im sure im not a criminal…


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