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The Wolf Files

This past August, the Dog Files crew had the pleasure of traveling to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. Once there, we spent the day learning about the Wolves from Maggie Howell and Rebecca Bose, two of the great people working daily at the center to ensure the longtime survival of this incredible animal.

Some of the wolves we met were Apache, an Arctic Wolf (white wolf pictured below,) and Lukas, a Canadian/Rocky Mountain Wolf (grey wolf also pictured below.)

In addition to learning about the wolf, one of the reasons we went to South Salem was to learn about its connection to our beloved dogs. We found out that Wolves can whimper like dogs, but only bark in cases of sensing danger. Also, that the Alpha Wolf lifts its leg when peeing and they all seem to kick up dirt with their hind legs after said event. One of the more annoying traits my two dogs have!

In all, we had an incredible time spending the day with one of nature’s most incredible creations. And when we got home to our own pups, we all had a renewed sense of wonder about them.

Keep watching The Dog Files for this special episode coming this January!

If you’d like to learn more about Wolves check out The Wolf Conservation Center web site!

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