The Dog Files would like to thank Jeff Tisman for all his help creating this great episode! We obviously couldn’t have done it without him. Please take the time to check out his photography website at Jeff Tisman Photography

Pup-arazzi Photo Tips

1. Patience: Dogs have a short attention span. Use squeaky toys and treats to keep their attention. It’s also very useful to have a friend help.

2. Environment: Be aware of busy backgrounds. Hang an old sheet or blanket for a classic portrait look.

3. Eye Level: Get down on your hands & knees to take pictures from your dog’s eye level. Change your perspective and enter your dog’s world.

4. Close-Ups: Get in closer or zoom in. Try different framing (place head at top or lower left, etc.) Try using the Macro Mode on your camera for extreme close-ups.

5. Candid: Shoot pictures of your dog in their element, being themselves.

6. Turn Off Flash: A flash takes away passion and emotion. It’s artificial and makes artificial photos. If you need more light, go near a window or door and use the sun (the best light source there is.)

7. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot: Take as many photos as you can and throw away the bad ones. Pro’s take hundreds of photos and then edit them done to the ten or twenty best ones.

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