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The post Protected: Cosequin DS Plus MSM Joint Health Supplement For Dogs At BJ’s Wholesale Club! appeared first on Dog Files.

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This post is sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club. Dog Files is being compensated for helping spread the word about BJ’s Wholesale Club Pet Food.

I was very excited when BJ’s Wholesale Club got in touch with me about checking out some of their great dog products over the coming year. It’s also nice that my local BJ’s is in walking distance to my place!

When I visited BJ’s, I was impressed with the aisle space dedicated to pets. They weren’t kidding around when they said pets are important to them.

For my first trip they asked me to pick out two items for my dog Remy to try. I decided to try two very different things. First up, is something that he loves, but probably doesn’t get enough of.

Remy is closing in on 14 years of age and quite frankly, spends a lot of his day sleeping. I needed something that would really light up his interest AND keep him busy for more than the minute or two it takes him to eat some treats and these Retriever Rolls were perfect for that.

Berkley Jensen Retriever Rolls Dog Chews is part of BJ’s Wholesale Club’s own line of pet products under their exclusive brand name, Berkley Jensen. They are made with 100% U.S. Beef Hides, they last a very long time and also help remove tartar and plaque from your pup’s mouth.

And Remy loves them!

For my second product, I went with something a bit different. The PetAction Collar – 6 Month Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs. With the flea & tick season about to get started across the country, I thought this would be great to try. Also, since moving to Florida three years ago, I found out that down here, the flea & tick season is all year round!

Right off the bat, it was great to see I would get two of the collars in one package. Each collar lasts 6 months, so this would last Remy one whole year.

For new pet owners, fleas seem like no big deal, till your dog gets them. They make your pup feel miserable and can cause some very serious issues. The most common is flea bite dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to flea saliva. Sadly, Remy has this and fleas make him miserable. I believe that tamping down on flea and ticks are a multi-front issue calling for different solutions at different stages, but the best is to either not get them or kill them quickly, so I’m very interested in how the collar works for Remy. Please remember that each dog is different and you should always watch your pup carefully when you try a new flea & tick product to make sure it is working and not causing any issues for your pet. I will definitely report back over the coming months about how the PetAction Collar is working for the Remster. Check out the video below for a step by step on how to use the collar with your dog.
So there you have it, two interesting and different products from BJ’s Wholesale Club. The PetAction Collar to help kill those nasty fleas and ticks that want to make a home on you doggie and Berkley Jensen Retriever Rolls Dog Chews to give your pup something fun to chew on that will last longer than the average dog treats. Both can be bought at your nearest BJ’s Wholesale Club, along with a wide assortment of food and accessories for your fur-babies, usually 25% less than every day grocery store prices.


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Thanks for joining BJ’s!

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And so it begins…

I say that because what I’m about to do is a giant undertaking. And believe me, I am not blowing it out of proportion.

The last one I did stretched out over four years. While I wasn’t working on it the whole time, I was for about half of that. You may have seen what I’m talking about. It’s called Second Chance Dogs. It’s a documentary and you can watch right now in the USA on Netflix.

I learned a great deal while making Second Chance Dogs. You really do learn more by doing and my mantra, “ask forgiveness, not permission” came into play constantly during the making of it. Seems humans love to say no. Just pick up a camera and start filming. Someone will always be sure to tell you no.

The solution, I learned, is to ignore them as long as possible, get what you can and move on.

Over the years, while filming or doing most anything else in business, I learned to first go do it, instead of setting myself up for the “always on its way” no that comes when asking permission.

You see, humans alway err on the side of the least amount of conflict. It’s ingrained into us from the days of the Stone Age when staying put in your cave led to you living another day. In other words, when the “gap of expectation” opens up in front of you, you generally take the easiest, safest route. Well, most people do anyway.

So when I ask if I can film someone on the street in front of a particular building, the safest route for them is always doing whatever they think will not get in trouble with their boss. Even when, most of time, they wouldn’t.

That’s why I usually don’t ask.

The reason I’m telling you this today, is because I’m trying to convey how much work, what I’m about to announce, takes. That this thing will consume my life for a period of years. And that the only way I will complete it, is by pushing forward as all of life pushes back, like hurricane winds you have to lean into in order to successfully move forward.

Why am I writing a blog post about it? Well, I plan to make the journey even tougher by journaling about the entire process as I encounter it. Hopefully, you’ll find it entertaining, or at least interesting as I slay every dragon that’s going to stand in my way to try and stop me. By writing about it, I’m hoping it will keep me accountable. That it will help me cross the finish line.

Maybe you’ll enjoy my tribulations, maybe not, but hopefully you’ll learn a few things and maybe, just maybe, if I need a helping hand, you’ll reach out and pick me back up.

Well, I think I’ve made you wait long enough for some information about what the hell I’m doing.

Today I’m announcing the beginning of pre-production on my next documentary.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “That’s it? Did you really have to build all this suspense over the start of something you’ve done before?”

Yes. The answer is yes. Because I’m making two documentaries at that same exact time.

And so it begins…

Tune in every week for the further adventures of Kenn Bell, surviving and hopefully thriving, in the documentary foxhole of life.

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]]> Lets You Contribute To Saving Beloved Pets

Kenn Bell

07 March 2016 is the only pet-dedicated funding platform that allows you to partner with leading veterinary clinics around the country to help save pets in need.

Waggle’s goal is to prevent what veterinarians refer to as “economic euthanasia”—a far-too-common and tragic outcome for many pet owners; this occurs when a pet owner, lacking the money to pay for vet services, must make a heartbreaking decision to let a pet go.

As a pet owner with an old dog, I know how much this can affect a person or family and I’m hopeful this will be able to help many, many pets and their families.


As the only pet-dedicated funding platform that partners with leading veterinary clinics around the country, Waggle’s “eyes and ears” are the veterinarians. When faced with a case that a practice might otherwise have to turn away for lack of funds, the point-of-contact person at the practice will determine a candidate’s eligibility for Waggle assistance and guide the pet owner to the Waggle Web site, with both the veterinarian and the client completing and submitting a questionnaire. The case and a photo will be posted on the web site for public viewing and veterinary hospitals and pet guardians will also be able to share it among friends and colleagues in their own community and on social media, as well. Waggle’s trusted guarantee assures that the case has been vetted and verifed.

“A half-million pets in the US are put down annually for lack of financial resources for treatment”

In a perfect world, donations will cover the entire treatment. But for the foreseeable future, Waggle is maintaining a cap on each case at $2,000 (a figure determined to be realistically typical by the veterinary members of Waggle’s advisory committee). Waggle guarantees that 100% of the donations earmarked for a particular case will go to that individual animal’s care, with the money being sent directly to the veterinary hospital, providing total transparency.

Waggle is currently aligned with mostly large-scale, multi-outlet veterinary practices throughout the United States and Canada, in order to reach the greatest number of potential clients right out of the gate. However, Waggle expects to collaborate with individual veterinarians who operate major facilities, and ultimately Waggle hopes to provide funding to small, “mom-and-pop” veterinary practices and to select animal shelters, as well.

“Waggle guarantees that 100% of the donations earmarked for a particular case will go to that individual animal’s care”

Below are three of the first pets that need help on Just click on the individual photos to read their story and get involved with helping them.

Help Greta


Help Miss MuffeT


Help Kousa


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5 Tips When Caring For A Pitbull.
Pitbulls are famous for their energy and strength and are well-regarded by true-blue Pitbull-lovers for their unique character and disposition as well as an athletic and chiseled body. Pitbull owners profess to having pets that are exceptionally easy to train and very loyal to their families. However, not everyone will have an easy time training a Pitbull. This breed of dog requires as much care and affection including proper training and excellent nutrition as any other breed. The key is to start early, train your pitbull pup and use your knowledge of your pitbull’s needs and personality to build a good and loving relationship.
Important Pointers
Regarding Pitbull Care

Build Good Relationships

Pitbulls love interacting with people and are not shy when they meet new folks. These dogs are a bunch of joy and you can always use their boundless energy to build good relationships with them. One of the keys to building good relationships is to allow your dog to socialize with others, other pooches and people together so that it can build good relationships. Socialization is the most important step to raising a well-balanced dog, and it has to be done correctly, in a controlled manner. This means, allowing interaction but only in an environment that is supervised and familiar, like at home or at the garden.

Ensure Great Care by a Veterinarian

Pitbulls require the right care to promote good health and prevent diseases that are very common in this breed. First and foremost, make sure that your pet has all the vaccinations necessary and that it is de-wormed and checked for fleas as well as ticks. A dog that is well taken care of is happier and healthier. Spaying or neutering your pitbull is also an important step that will help promote a well-rounded nature.

Allow a Lot of Exercise

Pitbulls are very solid and muscular dogs that have a lot of innate energy and enthusiasm. Exercise is important in dissipating all that energy stored in the dog’s body. So you need to make sure your pooch is getting enough. Taking them out for a run for about 60 minutes every day not only satisfies your dog’s need for exercise; it also helps enhance its bond with you. You can also go out for walks or play games or you can simply give them space to run around or move at home.

Watch Their Health

Feeding your dog properly is key to making sure it remains healthy and lean. Obese pitbulls will experience strain on the muscles, organs, and joints. The breed is also at risk of cataracts and hip dysplasia, and regular check-ups can monitor these and other possible conditions.

Your pitbull will require the right balance between protein and vitamins to keep it healthy. However, allergies to carbohydrates like grains and wheat can develop. At best, opt for high-grade food that is fresh and have no artificial flavors on it.

Start Training as Soon as Possible

The temperament and personality of Pitbulls require obedience training to be started as early as possible, preferably while it is still a puppy. Focus on training your dog to obey your commands. To accomplish this, use positive reinforcement methods because this breed will be eager to please you.

Pitbulls are strong and, thus, require good training and more meticulous care and attention. Take your time and invest positive energy to take good and proper care of your puppy. This is the key to raising a loving and well-balanced Pitbull.

Check out My Pet Needs That for all your pitbull needs.

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