Author: Kenn Bell

I Fed My Dog Freshpet Dog Food For 14 Days!

Freshpet® asked me if I wanted to try out their food for two weeks. I asked, “You’re making food for humans?” “No dummy,” they replied, “would you like to give your dog Remy, Freshpet dog food for 14 days and report on any changes you see in him?” Hmmm, I thought. “Okay, let’s give it a shot.” The Freshpet dog food arrived a week later. It looked great in it’s beautiful packaging. We started with the Chunky Chicken & Turkey Recipe Rolls. Slicing them up and giving them to Remy. Then when they were finished we moved over to...

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Berkley Jensen Sent Remy A New Bed & Some Treats!

This post is sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club. Dog Files is being compensated for helping spread the word about BJ’s Wholesale Club Pet Food. Today was a great day for Remy! Berkley Jensen of BJ’s Wholesale Club surprised us with a giant care package. As you can see from the photo above, Remy is in heaven about it. Okay, I maybe knew it was coming, but it was still a surprise for Remy! Berkley Jensen contacted me a few weeks earlier and asked if they could send a package for Remy. As you can tell, since you’re reading this...

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Freshpet Vital Makes Homemade Food For Your Dog!

Freshpet® debuts an exciting new freshly prepared meal specially crafted for your dog with Freshpet® Vital® Fresh Cuts™ Chicken Recipe for Dogs. I know that sometimes, my dog Remy just isn’t going to eat the normal dry food. It just doesn’t have an enticing smell. With can food, we have the smell, but who knows what they smushed together in that slimy mix? That’s why I love Freshpet. It has the smell that excites Remy and yes, it actually looks great. I can tell what’s in it! Are there other reasons? Of course. A growing number of consumers are...

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Vote For Your Favorite Dog In BJ’s Great Pet Search!

This post is sponsored by BJ’s Wholesale Club. Dog Files is being compensated for helping spread the word about BJ’s Wholesale Club Pet Food. The top five cats and top five dog finalists of the BJ’s Wholesale Club Great Pet Search Contest have been announced and now it’s your turn to vote for who you think should be the new face of BJ’s Wholesale Club Pet Food! Here’s what you need to know: 1. From 8/14 to 8/18, vote for your favorite cat and favorite dog! 2. You can cast one vote per category and winners will be announced on...

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Are Cosmetic Companies Still Testing On Animals?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about makeup companies testing their products on animals again. Ground zero was a post back in 2012 by PeTA that you can read here. While Dog Files is not an advocate of PeTA, their work over three decades earlier to stop makeup companies from testing on animals is indisputable. One of the most read (and controversial)  posts on Dog Files was about that PeTA report. You can read that post here, ANIMAL TESTING RESUMES FOR AVON, MARY KAY, AND ESTEE LAUDER. Our article was even highlighted on because the...

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My Dog Celebrated His Thirteenth Birthday And I’m Sad

KENN & REMY PRINCETON, NJ 2013 When I adopted Remy in the summer of 2006 it was for all the wrong reasons. The first of which was that I was having so much trouble with Max’s separation anxiety I decided to bring in another dog as a last ditch effort to get Max to relax when I left him at home. The second? When I saw his photo on the Petfinder Website, he looked just like Max and his name was listed as… you guessed it, Max. How’s that for a bunch of wrong reasons to adopt a dog?...

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