Author: Jessica Dzubak

Have Trouble Sleeping After A Bad Day? Your Dog Does Too!

Ever feel like your dog is just a human with paws? Now, a Hungarian study discovered that dogs suffer with sleep issues after enduring a stressful experience, just like we do. The study found that, like humans, dogs who experienced a negative situation, took longer to fall asleep than the group who had a positive one. The dogs were subjected to negative experiences such as being tied in one place or being ignored by their owner. The positive experiences lasted six minutes and included fun, engaging things like petting and playing. Not only did the stressed-out dogs have trouble...

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Is Your Dog Trying To Communicate With You?

Puppy Eyes: More Than Just A Pretty Face. Much like human kids, dogs are notorious for turning on the cuteness factor at just the right moments. Whether it’s to gain an extra treat, a belly rub, or to maybe even comfort their owner, dogs excel at working those “puppy dog eyes”. Researchers have been working on the most adorable study ever, to determine if “puppy dog eyes” are a real thing. Well, good news, dog lovers. Those lovable eyes might be trying to tell us something. We all know “the look”: dogs open their eyes wide, raise their eyebrows and stare seemingly...

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