Freshpet® asked me if I wanted to try out their food for two weeks. I asked, “You’re making food for humans?”

“No dummy,” they replied, “would you like to give your dog Remy, Freshpet dog food for 14 days and report on any changes you see in him?”

Hmmm, I thought. “Okay, let’s give it a shot.”

The Freshpet dog food arrived a week later. It looked great in it’s beautiful packaging.

We started with the Chunky Chicken & Turkey Recipe Rolls. Slicing them up and giving them to Remy. Then when they were finished we moved over to the Home Cooked Chicken Recipes.

I really didn’t know what to expect over these two weeks. Of course this isn’t a scientific study and I wasn’t taking notes but I did notice two things over this time.

Remy is now 13 years & 4 months old. He’s much slower overall, even when I’m feeding him and especially in the morning. Sometimes I have to pull him out of bed to get him to eat.

With Freshet, that has stopped. When I got up in the morning he was waiting at the door to go eat. I haven’t seen that behavior in a long time. The second thing I noticed, was that he seemed to have more energy and acted, a little bit more, like a puppy when I was getting ready to take him outside.

And that is two very good things to see in your old pup. Thanks, Freshpet!

Freshpet Facts

  • You can find Freshpet at your local Pet Store, always stored in the Freshpet refrigerator.
  • Freshpet has no additives or preservatives.
  • It’s never made with pre-processed meat powders, “chicken meals,” or by-products – just real US meat as the #1 ingredient, and real veggies you can see.
  • Freshpet is made right here in the USA.
  • Freshpet is pre-cooked so it’s easier for you dinnertime.

Freshpet® brands include Freshpet® Select and Dog Joy™, available at select grocery and mass-market retailers; Deli Fresh®, Vital™ and Dognation™, available at pet specialty stores.