File photo of a German Shepherd.

File photo of a German Shepherd.

A hiker stranded in the remote wilderness states he had no choice but to kill and eat his dog, even though the dog chased away a marauding bear earlier. The bear had ruined his canoe and food supply, leaving him stranded in the frigid Canadian climate.

Marco Lavoie, 44, killed his German Shepherd with a rock three days after the bear left him without supplies and he was struggling to find food.

Survival experts state that this was a reasonable survival solution, given the harsh climate of the area, about 500 miles outside of Montreal, and scarcity of food. It was suggested that had he waited longer, he could have been too weak to overpower the dog, and the dog would have suffered as well.

According to survival guide author André François Bourbeau,“He survived because he made good decisions. Eating his dog was one of them. You have to be desperate, but there’s no shame in eating the dog. He had to use reason.”

Animal lovers point out that he survived an additional three months after eating his dog, surviving on the few edible plants in the Nottaway River area. They believe he ate his dog far too soon. Starvation doesn’t generally set in for 30 days.

One reaction from Twitter:  “This is vile. I’d rather die than kill and eat my dog to stay alive,” said @AmeliaRose.

Lavoie was finally spotted and rescued by helicopter Wednesday, October 30. He was down to half of his body weight, having lost 90 pounds. He was also suffering from hypothermia and was admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Lavoie’s family only reported him missing a few weeks ago as he often spent weeks in the wilderness by himself, and this was expected to be a particularly long journey.