Daniel Padilla, the CEO of a luxury New York charter-jet company was recorded as he viciously beats his dog, an 8-month-old St. Bernard puppy. Despite the video evidence and a confession from Padilla, the charges were inexplicably dropped by the prosecutors.

Padilla, 38, reportedly began beating his dog in the elevator of his penthouse high-rise suite in a fit of rage, after the puppy disobeyed him by walking away. The incident occurred after Padilla picked up the dog named Boston from dog daycare.

The high-flying exec apparently forgot a leash that day, and Boston, being a puppy, wandered off. When the puppy didn’t obey, Padilla tripped and broke his wrist. He later took his anger out on the puppy on October 20, 20012.

A staff member of the swanky high-rise reviewed the elevator surveillance video. When he saw the malicious beating of the defenseless dog, then called the police.

“I observed the defendant on video repeatedly kicking a large-breed dog with his foot, striking the dog on its head and the right side of its body,” a detective documented in court papers.

The Manhattan  DA’s Office has chosen not to comment on their decision.

Daniel Padilla leaving court after a hearing regarding the abuse of his dog.

Daniel Padilla leaving court after a hearing regarding the abuse of his dog.

Not surprisingly, Greystone Aviation, Padilla’s company, appears to have most of its social marketing components and websites disabled after receiving negative comments on Yelp and on Twitter.

Not only did Padilla viciously attack his defenseless pup in a fit of rage; the high-flying exec who caters to the rich and famous told the court he is unemployed and could not afford a lawyer. Therefore, he was assigned a legal-aid attorney, paid for by the State of New York.