Hi guys, so on my last post about I received some great questions about the service in the comments section. I thought it would be great to send them to the folks at and get them answered. So here they are!

Do they do “special needs” dog sitting (I have two deaf dogs and three hearing dogs)? OR Do they extend their services to dog aggressive dogs? Do I have the option of keeping my dog separate? And is the care giver trained in CPR?

We have a lot of sitters that have many years of experience pet sitting (before existed) or with special training, like Vet Techs. Sitters trained in pet first aid and CPR have a special badge on their profiles, so that you can identify them easily.

My suggestion, for special needs or aggressive dogs, is to try the traveling sitter option, which means that a sitter will come to your home. Not only is it great for them to be in their own home environment so they can stay in a familiar place (especially for blind pups), but it also keeps them on a similar routine, which reduces the stress of having you gone. It is also very important to be completely honest with your sitter to set them up for success. So for example, if your dog has issues with other dogs, you can search for a home without any other animals and then inform your sitter so that they can be extra careful on a walk. This results in a great experience for everyone.

Are the sitters bonded, insured and full background checks have been performed before they come into a private residence?

We have a large range of sitters on our site, from professional level (insured/bonded) to the “hobby” sitter. Background checks have started to roll out in select cities and will soon be offered to all markets in the near future. It’s all about searching for a sitter that fits your needs and priorities.

Do they come to spend the day with the dogs before they actually come in to take care of the dogs? Is there a limit to the number of dogs to be doggy sat? I only have 2 dogs, but a couple of my friends have 6 dogs. How would that work? How would the prices differ? What kinds of exercise/activities are offered? Would the doggy sitters be able to take them for walks?

Each sitter determines the kind of care and services that they provide. Our home sitters list how many dogs they are willing to have in their home on their profiles. There are a lot of different options for sitters. If you are looking for a quiet home, it might be best to search for a retiree without his or her own dog. Or if you are looking for hikes or runs, then maybe an active couple better suits your needs. The best part about is that you can find a home or sitter that reflects the kind of care that your dog is used to.

We have traveling sitters that provide daily drop in’s or we have sitters that will stay with your pup overnight. I am a traveling sitter myself and generally bring the pup with me to work and sleep at the owner’s home. I also offer additional services like picking up the mail, watering plants, etc.

They also determine their own price. The average price is $25/night (per dog), but most sitters provide a multiple dog discount. Sitters list special pricing on their “Services & Rates” card on their profiles.

How is transportation arranged, if necessary?

Generally, for home sitters, owners drop off and pick up dogs. However, many sitters offer drop off and pick up as an extra service on their “Services & Rates” card. Traveling sitters will include any traveling expenses in their overnight rate.

Will they provide a service where a person can download an app on their phone and check in to see who things are going while we are away? currently has an iPhone and Android app. Sitters and owners are able to exchange messages and pictures through the app. We encourage our sitters to send daily updates to owners. We even offer free “Rover Reels,” which are cute slideshows that feature the pictures your sitter took of your pup during his or her “staycation.”

I noticed that the Q & A section on says potential sitters go through an “extensive review process” and are selected by a Customer Experience team. I’d like to know more about the review process in selecting sitters.

All completed sitter profiles go through two reviews. The technical review checks for minimum requirements (e.g. sufficient photos) and successful verifications (e.g. phone numbers). A member of the Rover team conducts a personal review, which evaluates fit against other criteria. To qualify as a Rover sitter, applicants must: have experience with, and love of, dogs, demonstrate a care plan for Rover dogs, and provide third party verification via a testimonial and/or TrustCloud badge. Additionally, we look for and highlight advanced skills and affiliations like medical/vet training and CPR certification or association with Humane Societies, Pet Rescues, and other charitable organizations.

That was great! I’m very happy that they answered all the questions. Now, if YOU have more questions, is having a Twitter Chat on October 3rd at 6pm PST. Use the hashtag #RoverChat on Twitter and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

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