Pittsburgh Man Found Guilty For Running Dog Fighting Operation


A Pittsburgh jury returned guilty verdicts on April 19th against 48-year old Darryl Bryanta, for running a dog fighting operation.

He was found guilty on three counts, including felony dog fighting charges.

Bryant was arrested last year, after officials seized 13 American pit bull terriers from the home of his mother.

Animal welfare officials said the dogs showed clear signs of abuse.

Janette Reever, of the Humane Society of the United States said, “This was one of the best days that has happened in Pittsburgh, and, [the verdicts] send a strong message that dog fighting will not be tolerated.”

Video of dogs fighting found on Bryant’s own cell phone helped authorities build their case against him.

Darryl Bryant will be sentenced on July 11th.


  1. says

    But WHAT will the sentence be? That’s what I want to know. Is this scumbag degenerate going to jail for a while or is he getting a little tap on the wrist with a few fines that he can postpone paying until hell freezes over?

  2. mark richards says

    I have a Henry Aaron 44 inch bat with a nice level swing and a sweet spot that just crushes the ball.

    Let me have Mr. Bryant for five minutes and he’ll never walk or talk again!

    I hope there are some decent people in Pittsburgh who will inflict vigilante justice on that piece of shxx!

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